Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is located on the southern shore of Qiantang River in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou and was opened for traffic on December 30, 2000. With an apron of 680,000 square meters, 12 passenger boarding bridges, 46 remote stands, it’s the biggest airport in Zhejiang Province.

Airport Terminal Buildings
The airport consists of two terminal buildings: Terminal A and Terminal B. Terminal A is the International Terminal and Terminal B is the Domestic Terminal.
Airport Transportation
Airport Shuttle
1.  Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport — Hangzhou Downtown (Wulinmen Aviation Ticketing Office)
Waiting Area:  North of Entrance 5 to the Arrival Hall, First Level of Terminal Building.
Fare: 20 Yuan per passenger
Duration: 60 minutes
Stops: Hangzhou Railway Station (城站火车站), Grand Metropark Hotel (维景国际大酒店), Wulinmen Aviation Ticketing Office (武林门民航售票处)
Departure Time: 
 07:30 — 09:30  09:30 — 17:00  17:00-21:00  after 21:00
 every 30 minutes  every 15 minutes  every 20 minutes  after 21:00
2.  Hangzhou Downtown (Wulinmen Aviation Ticketing Office) — Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
Waiting Area: No.390 Tiyuchang Road (体育场路390号)
Fare: 20 Yuan per passenger
Duration: 60 minutes

Stops: Zhongshan Hotel (中山大酒店), Hangzhou Railway Station (城站火车站), Airport Terminal (机场候机厅)
Departure Time:
05:30 — 09:00  09:30 — 17:00  17:00-21:00
 every 30 minutes  every 15 minutes  every 30 minutes
Airport Taxi
Waiting Area: Outside Entrance 5 to the Arrival Hall on the first level
Information Phone Line: Answer by Attendant: 86-571-86662404
Automatic Service:  86-571-86661234 / 86661235 / 86661236

Flight Ticketing Offices
Name  Address  Telephone
 Wulinmen Ticketing Office  No.390 Tiyuchang Road (体育场路390号)  86-571-85154259
 Huansha Road Ticketing Office  No.147 Huansha Road (浣纱路147号)  86-571-87063427
 Hangzhou International Tourists and Ticketing Center  No.27 Pinghai Road (平海路27号)  86-571-87071842
 Hangzhou Division of Shanghai Airlines  No.16 Huancheng West Road (环城西路16号)  86-571-85119528
 Zhejiang Hanghua International Air Shipper  No.219 Baochu Road (保俶路219号)  86-571-87055168