Fish Market along the Dadou Road

Since the remote antiquity, Hushu Region has been a bustling aquatic trade hub. West Zhejiang Plain is interspersed by canals and lakes, and Ancient water towns and villages including Tangqi(塘栖), are famed as “warehouse of grains, or land of fish and shrimps.”

Dadou Fish Market, tucked away on the east bank of the Grand Canal Hangzhou, was a prominent fish market. In the early 20th century, over 20 fish shops hawked fish of all description here. At dusk, fishing boats passed through Gongchen Bridge and crowded the Daguan Bridge in droves, testifying to the significance of this market.

At the height of its glory, rows upon rows of fishing boats occupied the wharfs of the Grand Canal Hangzhou. The fishing market began during middle night. Fish and other aquatic products were carefully selected, pounded and priced. When day break, they were usually sold out with lightening speed. Except for family housewives, restaurants and hotels owners also came to hunt for the freshest aquatic products with wholesale price.

Long has gone this market. What remain but a few statues depicting daily trade scene and the fishermen. But the Dadou Road Historic Block, after a complete restoration and refurbishment, radiates like a stunning beauty.

Its stylish restaurants, tea houses and cafes invite you for a stop, its soothing trails tempt you for a promenade, and the breathtaking vistas of the Grand Canal make you feel in a forgotten and timeless oasis.