Visiting Lingfeng for Mume Blossoms

Traditionally, in each early spring, local people often pay a special visit to Lingfeng, which is part of the Hangzhou Botanical Garden.
Here  a rich variety of mume blossoms grow. Between the months of the magical Lantern Festival and mid-spring the weather is starting to get a little warmer but is in fact still cold. It is difficult to find any flowers in full bloom except the hardy mume blossoms growing at Lingfeng. This is the reason why this spot attracts so many Hangzhounese, as well as those from neighboring areas.

They come to feel and experience the birth of Spring and the mume blossom provides this for them with its delicacy and inspiring fragility. So lovely is this delicate flower, that many people come from afar to see it, including many Shanghainese who make it a rule to go on weekend excursions there.
Source: New Greater Hangzhou: A New Guide by George Chen