Flying Kites in the 2nd Lunar Month


As the gentle breeze blows across Hangzhou in mid-spring (the 2nd lunar month), it is the best time to drag out those dusty kites and get them into the air.

Hangzhou is most famous for its unique and distinctive kite making and flying. Kites made only of paper in ancient Hangzhou show superb workmanship and advanced understanding of modern physics. Those with the most distinctive and popular features are kites in the shape of the many-legged centipede and of the majestic twin eagles.

At the arrival of every season, when the wind begins to blow,  local kids with their fathers, will go to the crowded community squares or big open spaces just to immerse themselves in this ancient pastime. Let’s face it, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as seeing your kite start to flow and bob on the wind, and finally see it soar high the sky. It hard to say who enjoys it the most, the children, or their fathers! The most popular doggerel reads: Kites, kites, are flying so high, I come back to eat niangao at night. Kites, kites, are flying so low, Then look after my brother I've got to go. If you want to fly a kite or simply watch the local experts, then the three best places are, the square of Children's Palace, Wulin Square, and Wushan Square.

Source: New Greater Hangzhou: A New Guide by George Chen