Longjing Tea – The Best Brew in Town

Dragon Well widely known as Longjing originates from the Lion Peak Mountain in West Lake, Hangzhou and is apparently named after the dragon-like pattern that forms on top of the deep-filled well after it has rained.

Steeped in tea leaves and history Longjing’s notability began when Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1736-1795) visited the area and savoured its famous brew.

Green in colour and delicate in flavour, Longjing tea leaves are ideally brewed with local spring water. Known for its numerous health benefits this famous green variety has also been recognised as one of the highest in quality.

Tastefully approved by royalty, Hangzhou’s wondrous edible green leaves, whether sampled in tea or in cuisine, are best experienced in situ or in Hangzhou’s distinguished tea houses or restaurants.