Where to Savour Best Pian Er Chuan Noodle Dish

Like its culture, landscape and heritage, Hangzhou cuisine is also deep rooted in China’s history. Steeped in comfort and tradition, Hangzhou’s most famous dishes will surely satisfy any number of travelling taste buds.

One of the best dishes to savour this winter is Pian Er Chuan, a popular noodle dish and a staple to the millions of locals that reside in this magnificent city.  Made with preserved vegetables, tender slices of pork and crispy white shoots of bamboo, Pian Er Chuan can be found bubbling in many of Hangzhou’s restaurants and here are just a few of the city’s recommendations: 

Juying Noodle Restaurant(菊英面店)

Address: No. 12, South Zhonghe Road,Shangcheng District,Hangzhou

Juying Noodle Restaurant boasts the best Pian Er Chuan noodles in town.
The restaurant may be small but the servings of Pian Er Chuan are full in flavour and notably big in size which therefore makes this a cosy find on any winter’s day.

Huijuan Noodle Restaurant(慧娟面馆)

Address: No.130, Wangjiang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

Named the number one Wangjiang noodle restaurant, Huijuan has gained this title due to its carefully selected ingredients and one-of-a-kind cooking methods. With celebrities as their clientele and with more than 20 different noodle dishes on their menu including of course the popular Pian Er Chuan together with a number of other signature dishes under their hat, it is no wonder Huijuan Noodle Restaurant has become so famous.
Ji Yuan Noodle Restaurant(纪元面馆)

Address:No.13, Four-Archway Building, Fifteenth Kui Lane, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou(十五奎巷4牌楼13号)

Ji Yuan is more a street shop than restaurant and is renowned throughout for its friendly service, excellent prices and tastier than tasty noodles.  With a history of more than 20 years and with Pian Er Chuan and liver noodles ranging from 10-15 yuan per bowl, this noodle shack will easily find its way into every visitor’s and local’s notebook.