Imitative Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln

Imitative Southern Song Dynasty official kiln does not have the slightest inferiority in the traditional porcelain production techniques. Integrated with modern concepts and ideas, imitative Southern Song Dynasty porcelain has more unique charm.

The Southern Song Dynasty official kiln was successfully imitated by Hangzhou Minsheng Ceramic Limited Company (the former Hangzhou Ceramic Factory) in 1978. Therefore, this company won the national invention award and the national major science and technology achievement award. Its imitative porcelains have successively won a silver trophy of the first Beijing International Expo, provincial superior Golden Eagle Award and a gold medal of the Hangzhou Excellent Tourist Commodities. Moreover, these imitations have been designated as special gifts to foreign heads of states and international friends.

Situated at the foot of Hangzhou Phoenix Mountain, Southern Song Dynasty official kiln was designed to produce royal porcelains.  After the collapse of the Southern Song Dynasty, the kiln was destroyed and artisans were lost. Now enjoying the reputation of "Porcelain Pearl", priceless Southern Song porcelains handed down are less than one hundred, scattered around the world.

Celadon from the Southern Song official kiln is characterized by thin body, thick glaze, purple mouth, iron foot, crackles on the glazed surface, perfect shape and visual beauty. In the Guardian auction, a sunflower cleaning porcelain with a diameter of only 11cm priced up to 22 million Hong Kong dollars. After crossing the long history of time and space, the Southern Song Dynasty official kiln now is out of the palace and displayed in the Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum.