Xiaoshan Laces

Xiaoshan laces are known as Han traditional handicrafts, originated in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou. They are exquisite in pattern, sophisticated in craftsmanship and endurable in material. Xiaoshan laces are so welcomed over the world that they have been exported into more than 60 countries and regions.  Hundred thousands of Xiaoshan women work on crochet and weaving production, therefore, Xiaoshan wins the reputation of “lace town”.

As we all know, arts and crafts are often individual works, while Xiaoshan laces are unique handicrafts crocheted by hundreds of people. The production of Xiaoshan laces generally includes 4 technics – designing, matching, crocheting and ironing, nearly 20 production processes. Xiaoshan laces have over 30 varieties including bedspread, blanket sets, plate mats, table mats, sofa sets, piano cover, shawl, dress etc.