West Lake Lotus Root Powder


West Lake lotus root powder is prepared from the roots of the lotus, a popular water plant in West Lake.
Dried and pulverized, it is mixed with sugared osmanthus flowers and boiled in water to make a starchy powder which can ultimately be used as a refreshing tonic drink. Historically, it served as an annual tribute to the emperors over many dynasties.

Traditionally a tonic, it is best suited for people with a weak digestive system. Besides being a great cure for colds and coughs, it also helps produce saliva, allays or even prevents fever, whets the appetite, nourishes the blood, clears up the lungs and treats yin deficiency (perfect for female vitality). Sugared osmanthus flowers are themselves a popular organic seasoning that goes well with pulverized chestnuts, lotus root powder and other natural food additives.

Source: New Greater Hangzhou: A New Guide by George Chen