West Lake Sweet Osmanthus


The sweet osmanthus produced at Manjuelong Village near West Lake features the golden osmanthus, silver osmanthus and orange osmanthus.

Usually, osmanthus flowers are harvested just once a year. But those in Manjuelong produce three crops, known as "early-period osmanthus flowers", "mid-period osmanthus flowers", and "late-period osmanthus flowers".

Every year about 25 kilos (55 pounds) of osmanthus flowers can be gathered from a fully-grown osmanthus tree. Besides being an ornamental plant, osmanthus can be used as a special sugar, a special beverage and a high-grade spice and essence. Having a huge variety of uses, it can also be used as various kinds of cosmetics and even foods, for example, it can be eaten in the form of a sweet glace or a thick soup or alternatively, drunk in the form of osmanthus flower wine or tea. Very healthy and refreshing!

Source: New Greater Hangzhou: A New Guide by George Chen