Hangzhou Brocade


Silk products from Hangzhou made their name known in 1921 when the city's pictures of scenery produced on silk won a gold medal at the world fair in Philadelphia.
The art form has developed  and today, there are woven silk portraits as well. Based on photographs, they represent the synergy  of color and light. There are also traditional Chinese paintings in silk, which produce exceptional three-dimensional effects. These products come from the Hangzhou Du Jinsheng Silk Factory.
Established by Du Jinsheng in 1922, the factory has become famous for its color-woven or black-and-white brocade pictures which portray scenic places in China and abroad. Especially popular in Japan and Southeast Asian countries, the silk articles include table-cloths, bedspreads, pillow-cases, and cushion covers, all of superior quality and fascinating designs. Few factories in China have played host to as many overseas tourists as this factory in Hangzhou.

Where to buy:
Name: China Silk City (杭州中国丝绸城)
Address: No.253, Xinhua Road, Hangzhou (杭州市新华路253号)

Source: New Greater Hangzhou: A New Guide by George Chen