Hangzhou Silk


Hangzhou boasts more than several thousand kinds of silks of different patterns, designs and colors. Hangzhou silks are praised by foreign visitors as the "flowers of Oriental art" and "as mysterious as a dream".

As far back as the Tang and Song Dynasties, some 900 to 1300 years ago, Hangzhou was already the acknowledged as China’s "home of silk". Today, Zhejiang Province with Hangzhou as its capital city is the biggest producer of silks and satins in China. Since Marco Polo first visited Hangzhou during the Yuan Dynasty, foreign visitors have been entranced by the luxurious silks in this city.

If you are fortunate enough to buy some silk clothing while you are in Hangzhou, there are some points that should be mentioned about the washing of this high quality material. The water must be warm and once washed, the wet clothes must not be wrung too hard so as not to create creases. And it is best to dry them by keeping them in the shade. They should be ironed when they are almost dry.


Both Chinese and foreigners love to make clothes of silk. They are soft to the touch. They shine gently as the subtle light hits them. They have high moisture absorption. Above all, they breathe well and that is where they are superior to synthetic fibres. All kinds of silks and satins are available from local stores and markets throughout Hangzhou...

Besides pure silk fabrics, there are mixtures of silk and rayon, silk and nylon, silk and aluminum wire, and others. They are all superior in quality and reasonably priced. Ready-made clothes are for sale, too. They are fashionable and highly sought after. They are comfortable and endure well. In addition, they are cheaper than those of the same quality available in Hong Kong.

Where to buy
Name:  China Silk City (杭州中国丝绸城)
Adress: No.253, Xinhua Road, Hangzhou (杭州市新华路253号)

Source: New Greater Hangzhou: A New Guide by George Chen