Huang Binhong

Huang Binhong (1865 - 1955) is a modern artist noted for his landscape painting. He is equally adept in prose, calligraphy,epigraphy, and seal-cutting. He wrote many specialized books during his lifetime. Before his death he presented his entire collection of epigraphic works, calligraphy and paintings to the State; According to his dying wish, a large number of his posthumous works of art were also presented to the State.

In 1959, the residence where Huang lived from 1948 to 1955 was turned into a hall in honor of his memory. On display are his works of paintings and calligraphy. A paulownia planted by him is still growing in the front  hall, while on the cliff behind it stand green pine trees. A serene tranquility pervades the surroundings.
Address: No.31, Xi Hu Qi Xia Ling (西湖栖霞岭31号)