Wu Changshuo


Wu Changshuo (1844 - 1927) is a noted master of epigraphy and is known for his unique achievement in poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal-cutting. He was the first to be elected chairman of the Society when it was founded in 1913. The hall is otherwise called Guanle (Enjoyment in Watching) Tower and was built in 1920. The picturesque West Lake is a sight to behold from viewing point of the tower. In 1957, the memorial hall was built on the site of the tower. It contains a bronze bust of Wu. 72 centimeters(28.35 inches) in height, it is the work of the Japanese sculptor Tsuneo Nishi.

Former residence of Wu Changshuo
Address: Shang Jie Street, Anji County, Huzhou (湖州市安吉县鄣吴镇鄣吴村上街)