2017 Qiantang River Tidal Bore Watching Guideline

Qiantang River is the largest river in Zhejiang Province and empties itself into the Eastern China sea through Hangzhou Bay. The Qiangtang River tidal bore is a world-renowned spectacle and is reputed as the "No. 1 Tidal Bore in the World". The Qiantang River tidal bore, often reaching heights of three meters, results from the gravitational forces and the rotation of the earth, and the fact that Hangzhou Bay is shaped like a trumpet.
Qiantang River Tidal Bore

The custom of watching the Qiantang River tidal bore originated from the Han Wei (Cao Wei) period (220-265) and has since gradually become a local custom. The period around the Mid-Autumn Festival is the best time to view this phenomenon.

Qiantang River tidal bore types:
Qiantang River tidal bore is of three types, returning tidal bore (回头潮), criss-cross tidal bore (交叉潮) and one-line tidal bore (一线潮).

Returning tidal bore: when high-speed tides are met with an obstacle, the tide crashes against the obstacle and bounces back onto incoming water, composing an almighty scene.

Criss-cross tidal bore: this type of tidal bore is rare and only occurs on calm water with two tidal bores of different directions intersecting. It is also called a south-north tidal bore.

One-line tidal bore: seen from a distance this tidal bore is like a white line, however when it gets closer the white line turns into a crested-wall of water that can be several meters high and around five kilometers wide.

Qiantang River tidal bore is largest on the eighteenth lunar day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar with this year’s falling on October 7. Apart from that day, every month from the 1st to the 15th as well as the 15th and 20th days are all good times in which to view this world wonder.

Best Viewing Places:
North bank of Qiantang River
The major areas: roads near Pagoda of Six Harmonies such as Zhijiang Road, No. 3 Qiantang River Bridge and No. 4 Qiantang River Bridge. 

South Bank of Qiantang River.
The major areas: No. 1 Qiantang River Bridge and dams along Wentao Road (闻涛路)