The 2017 International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference

According to the news conference of 2017 Internatioanl (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference, this year’s trail-walk event will take place on October 28 in Jianggan Sports Center. Registration will be available for three days starting from September 28.
International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference

Compared to previous years, this year the team registration channel is no longer available; and the 5-kilometer group is for parents and children, which requires at least three to four people to register; the 15-kilometer is available for individuals to register; and for the 30-kilometer and 50-kilometer, each group needs at least four people – a mix of both male and female.

The route, this year, has also been adjusted. The starting point has been moved from Hangzhou Citizen Service Center to Jianggan Sports Center and there will be two finishing points this year, one in Jianggang Sports Center and the other at Hushan Square of Xianghu Lake. The route displays Hangzhou’s notable attractions and for the first time, has connected three Qiantang bridges in one route.

There are a lot of surprises this year. There will be a wealth of local products available in supply stations. Participants will not only be awarded with a race completion certificate on the spot but they will also be able to download it on the official website of International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference. Exciting activities, such as rock climbing, electronic sports games, VR, and an interactive dance machine, also await participants at the finishing line.

To improve both the service and experience for each participant, the organizing committee will provide everyone with full-length digital monitoring services. It is the first time for a trail-walk event to feature such technical advances, thus making the event more professionally organized. These digital chips will help monitor the progress, speed and physical condition of participants in real time.

Registration Channels
Runners can register through the following two channels:
1.International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference official website:
2.Hangzhou Marathon We-chat official account: gjyxdh
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