Don’t Miss the Martial Arts Competition this Sunday…

If you are a martial arts fan, then this Sunday the first “Wulinmen” Traditional Martial Art Open Tournament, organized by Hangzhou Sports Bureau and Hangzhou Sports Association, will have its first round of qualifications in Xixi National Wetland Park where martial art masters know how to display their real gongfu.

Xixi National Wetland Park Martial Arts

Hangzhou, in olden times, was called Wulin (martial art circles) and has been the gathering and competition place of martial art masters from all parts of China, thus giving the city a profound martial art culture and the ideal venue for this forthcoming competition.

The competition will be arranged in the Chinese old-fashioned way, and is divided into two phases, “provincial examination” and “final imperial examination” just like it was in the Chinese imperial examination system. The provincial examination refers to the preliminary competition and five competition venues are set up, such as downtown Hangzhou, Chun’an, Jiande, Yuhang and Lin’an. The competition venue in downtown Hangzhou is in Lian Wu Chang (Martial Arts Practicing Field). The first round of qualifications will last for two months, ending in late August. The so-called final imperial examination will be held in late September where a team of judges consisting of renowned martial art experts both in China and abroad will have their say.

In the Chinese ancient martial art imperial examination, participants had to compete with each other for many things, such as strength, agility, usage of weapons, riding and shooting. To be in accordance with the ancient martial art imperial examination, the “Wulinmen” Traditional Martial Art Competition has set up ten missions. After finishing these ten missions, participants will receive a score and will then compete with each other on quincuncial piles (gymnasium equipment) to determine who is the winner.

Participants need to fight each other on five 38-centimeter-high quincuncial piles (with the center one 60 cm in diameter and the other four 40 cm in diameter) and the one who falls off the pile is judged as the loser. Participants are required to wear open-fingered gloves and it is forbidden to hit your component with knees and elbows or on the head or any other critical part of the body. Martial art routines and free combat and wrestling skills can be used in the competition.

If participants cannot complete a certain mission, they can use their medallion given by the organizer to pass that mission. Every male participant gets one medallion and every female participant gets two.

So, come on lets kick start the week with Sunday’s Martial Art Competition.