Dressed to Impress - Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival

Get dressed to impress at the Global Qipao Festival, an event which will be held in Hangzhou on May 26 and in five other international cities and ten classic landmarks. According to the latest press release by Hangzhou Tourism Commission, the 2017 Hangzhou Tourism internationalization promotional event will be comprised of F Plan • Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival, Hangzhou Xinyi Event and T20 (Tourists 20).

The main part of the event is the Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival which, following “Modern Marco Polo” and “Hangzhou Global Tour”, is another one of Hangzhou’s big international promotion projects on new media. According to Zhao Hongzhong, the deputy director of Hangzhou Tourism Commission, F Plan • Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival will promote silk and Qipaos via international interactions on new media, mainly facebook, and it will also display a variety of different style Qipao’s in Hangzhou, Europe and America.

Promoting Hangzhou tourism both nationally and internationally creates a global topic and highlights the splendor of silk, one of Hangzhou’s famous commodities that has weaved its way through history to today’s modern society.

Other activities will be held in West Lake, Grand Canal, China Silk Museum, Longwu Tea Village and Sofitel Hotel, Hangzhou, as well as in five foreign cities, which are New York, Madrid, London, Hamburg and Sydney.

About F Plan

F Plan is the generic term for Hangzhou’s tourism promotions and is themed on the new Hangzhou, which refers to the period post G20 and before the 2022 Asian Games. The plan is utilized on overseas new media platforms, such as facebook, and aims to encourage fans to interact and to integrate elements like fashion, friendship, lifestyle, fine arts and folk customs. F plan will use new information transimission techonology such as live streaming to spread tourism information of Hangzhou such as international flights and fairs to European and American countries.

The plan is carried out on overseas new media platforms such as facebook to encourage fans interaction and to integrate elements like fashion, friendship, female, fine arts, folk custom etc. and uses new information transmission technology to promote Hangzhou tourism information such as international flights and fairs to European and American countries.

The core of F Plan is the letter “F” and it is being demonstrated on both online and offline activities, ultimately to boost the internationalization of the city and its tourism brand – Hangzhou, Living Poetry.

About T20

T20 (Tourists 20) is a special tour group consisting of 20 people. These 20 people are from all walks of life and industries such as hotels, restaurants, schools and media, as well as those who have been devoted to the successful organization of the G20 Hangzhou Summit.

In 2017, Hangzhou Tourism Commission will recruit 20 people nationwide to gather at the banks of West Lake and Qiantang River, this will mark the first anniversary of the G20 Summit and enable them to experience a splendid ‘post-G20 Hangzhou’ trip.