Mud Run, Hangzhou

Marathon, cross-country, ironman triathlon … you are on the right track. In 2016, mud run, a supreme test of fitness, was held in eight cities and attracted over 10,000 participants and in 2017, it will launch its first ever run in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Mud Run

Mud Run, Originating in China

If you have no idea how popular tough running is now, just look at the famous Sparta Warrior Race, which annually holds over 180 running events in 25 countries and lures 8,000,000 people to participate. According to the event organizer in Hangzhou, by establishing mud run, which is the latest running trend overseas, he wishes to create a truly challenging run that is unique to China. After only two years, mud run has set up eight subordinate competitions and the number of participants has exceeded 10,000.

Brutal as It May Seem, The Mud Is No Ordinary

Brutal as the run may seem, the mud used in the run is no ordinary kind of mud, but a special mud from Lingshou County, Hebei. Before the mud can be used in the run, it goes through many procedures, such as being filtrated with sieves where the holes are as small as 0.0450mm, and on the day right before every competition, purified water is used to clean and sterilize the mud to ensure that there is no threat to participants’ health.

Besides the special mud, all obstacle points added along the trail have been personally tested by all members of the organizing company, bringing all participants an unforgettable and tough running experience.

The First Mud Run of 2017 Is in Hangzhou

The first mud run of 2017 will take place on May 20 in Hangzhou’s Hai Huang Xing Ecological Park. After Hangzhou, the run will transfer to Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.
The competition in Hangzhou consists of two groups, a two-people group and a child-parent group and along the trail, eighteen obstacle points are installed including the most popular “Mount Everest”, where the spirit of team work can be best demonstrated.

If you want something interesting and thrilling, then don’t be a stick in the mud, instead run in it!