2017 Huazhao Festival in Full Bloom

Flowers are now in full bloom in Hangzhou and to bring further color to your life, then come to Xixi National Wetland Park, where the 2017 Hangzhou Xixi Huazhao Festival displays its vibrant charm until May 7. Xixi Huazhao Festival is truly a festival for floral lovers as during the festival, people will get to see 800,000 pots, 1259 kinds and 877 flower species. Culture demonstrations, child-parent science popularization, and wedding ceremony experiencing are also waiting to entertain you.

Huazhao Festival

Three Highlights

12 Kinds of Flowers Contending for Beauty

Walking into the Green Causeway you will be greeted by a flower exhibition themed on 12 colorful flowers, such as Chinese flowering crabapple, lily and peony. In the peony exhibition zone, 300 newly introduced and rare peony species from the Netherlands are emanating their intoxicating fragrance, whilst in the azalea exhibition zone, delicate and rare species have been brought into Hangzhou from Japan and Italy.

Spring Breeze Whirls Peach Blossom Forest

The scene of tender willows setting off brilliant peach blossom is always ascetically pleasing. In the 2017 Xixi Huazhao Festival, you will be given a chance to view a stretch of peach blossom where 600 peach trees elegantly gather in a forest-like scene and appear to encompass tourists in an aura of peach.

Experience the “Flowers in the Mirror” on the water

In this fantastic aquatic tour, which is intricately designed, you will come across funny comedy sketches such as Kingdom of females, Gentleman State and Wuchang Country which are all described in the novel, Flowers in the Mirror (written by Li Ruzhen in the Qing Dynasty). During this flower show, sketches inspired by wetland traditional flavors will also be performed on the stage, for example, Flower Baby, Bamboo Hat, Flower Boat and Bamboo Sieves. In addition, you can also enjoy some modern landscapes such as photo wall and magic mirrors.

Four Themed Activities

Love in Xixi

On April 30, the sponsor of the event will hold the “Love in Xixi” wedding photography quarter. Thirty pairs of lovers will be invited to take wedding photos in a romantic sea of flowers which is quite memorable. What’s more, there will be a romantic matchmaking event on May 1.

Follow Your Heart

The “Flower Fairy Festival” Kid Star Tryout is on! If your son or daughter is between 5 and 12 years old and loves to perform then make sure you hurry and sign up. The Top Twelve competitors will have the chance of signing on with the Huazhao Film and Television Company, and the winner will perform in the film Flowers in the Mirror directed by Zhang Jizhong (a famous film director).

If you children are between 5 and 15 years old and keen on ancient poetry, then register for the “Huazhao – Shangzhixing” Classical Chinese Poetry Conference. This conference provides a stage for those poetic enthusiasts to show their knowledge and talent and the judge is Mengman who acts as a judge in the CCTV Chinese Poetry Competition.

Colorful Xixi

During the Flower Fairy Festival, there will be a number of wonderful activities such as the “Beautiful West Lake” Hundred-meter-long Painting Making, Xixi Happy MeiTu Photography Competition, Funny Kites Making DIY, Natural Class and Floriculture Class, which together brings an abundance of friendship, love and family affection to Xixi.

Health and Fitness

The Xixi Wetlands have introduced a new entertainment – Xixi Healthy Fitness and Regimen Experiencing Tour which includes a qigong performance, experiencing Chinese martial arts and appreciating Chinese traditional cultures. Under the guidance and teaching of several national and provincial qigong masters, this tour is very suitable for the middle aged and elderly who enjoy keeping fit and travelling.