Spring Festival Activities Around Hangzhou

If you are concerned about where to spend this Spring Festival, then take a look at the following travel guide - a comprehensive look into the magnificent Hangzhou.

Urban area

Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum

"Shadow Play" Liaonan Shadow Puppets Exhibition

During the time, Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum is full of many wonderful exhibitions such as the famous "Shadow Play" Liaonan Shadow Puppets Exhibition from the collection of Dalian Modern Museum, ''Monkeys Bringing Good Luck and Roosters Dancing'' - porcelain works from masters of the Zhejiang kilns, Celadon and Sword Exhibition of Young Arts and Craft Talents from Zhejiang Folk Literature and Art Association.

Xiaoshan District

Crazy Appleland

Crazy Appland Amusement Park

During Spring Festival the joint admission fee for Songcheng Crazy Appleland and Songcheng Yunman Hot Spring is now 240 RMB per person, instead of 358 RMB. Why not test both your children's courage and intelligence with the latest high-tech interactive recreational facilities. This is a fun day out for all the family.

Hangzhou Oriental Culture Park
During Spring Festival the admission fee for Hangzhou Oriental Cultural Park will be reduced to 80 RMB per person. With five themes the special activities are aplenty. The first theme is "Five Happiness" which involves customs of entering happy gates, burning happy incense, lighting happy candles, striking happy bells and climbing happy temples. The second, "Praying for Happiness", refers to the blessing ceremony that takes place on the second day of the Chinese New Year and welcomes the new, bids farewell to the old and makes wishes for a peaceful new year. The third, "Folk Art", presents folk performances from across the province, like beating drums and gongs, and dragon and lion dancing. The fourth theme, "Special Delicacies", gathers local flavors from all over the country while the Last, the raffle section, allows whoever has completed the "Five Happiness" to participate.

Yuhang District

Tangqi Nianwei (New Year Flavor) Festival

Tangqi Nianwei Festival

"Tangqi New Year Flavor Festival", held between January and February 2017, features four themed activities, which are seeking for the root, love, pleasure and flavor of Tangqi Ancient Town. The participation is meant to bring out the "Tangqi Flavor", lively, joyous and relaxing; along with "Tangqi humanity", warm, harmonious and united.

Chaoshan Plum Blossom Festival
The Ninth Chaoshan Hill Plum Blossom Festival has started to bloom and will last until the latter part of March. Incorporating both traditional and fashionable elements, here a range of activities await you. Please note that those born in the year of the Rooster, and showing a valid ID card or passport, are entitled to enjoy the plum blossom for free.

Time: 18th. Jan. - 26th. Jan. 2017 (ends early if the prizes have run out)
Prizes: 150 admission tickets worth 60 RMB and 200 Yuhang tourism cushions

For those who meet any of the following three terms and conditions a prize will be given. Those who meet either the first or second terms will receive one admission ticket; and for those who meet both will receive two tickets; those who meet the third stipulation will receive one cushion. Follow Yuhang Tourism official account for more details.

1. Followers of Yuhang tourism Wechat official account born in the year of the Rooster
2. Followers whose names include Ji, such as jian, jia, jie, jiao, jing and so on
3. Followers who visit Yuhang Tourism Image Promotion Center wearing clothes or accessories with the pattern of a rooster or chicken (mobile phone shells, pendants, hairpins included)

Fuyang District

Longmen Spring Festival Shopping Festival

Longmen Spring Festival Shopping Festival, held from the second day to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, features a rich supply of unique goods and delicacies from Fuyang and its surrounding areas. Vendors rush to promote and sell their competitive products, such as Sunquan gluten, rice wine, local soju, sticky rice balls, ginger candy and marinated ducks.

Tonglu County

Tonglu County has an even wider range of activities in store for you.

Eshan She Minority Group Country People's Government will launch "Celebrate New Year in She Country" which will involve the killing of New Year pigs, performing folk shows and enjoying a reunion dinner.

Red Lantern Grandma's Home will conduct several special events: golden rooster heralding spring, grandma sending happiness, golden rooster laying eggs, rooster year giving gifts, etc. Little cabin resort will also surprise guests by sending gifts.

Daqishan National Forest Park will manufacture a giant golden rooster for visitors to take photos with, whilst also offering a treasure and chicken hunt in the bamboo forest. More than 500 pieces of treasure and 200 local chickens are waiting to be hunted.

Yan Ziling Fishing Platform lies 15 kilometers to the southwest of Tonglu County along the Fuchun River and, according to legend, is where Yan Ziling, a hermit of the East Han Dynasty once fished.

During Spring Festival, this location will launch "Lucky Spin" and "Seeking for tablets for prizes". Visitors can join the spinning raffle by following the company's Wechat official account. They are also encouraged to locate the inscription corresponding to the one drawn earlier and post this on moments to win a prize.

Yaolin Wonderland will give ticket holders a voucher worth 116 RMB for the red lantern little cabin. The "Lucky Spin" is also available with abundant prizes.

Lin'an City

West Zhejiang Da Long Bay
West Zhejiang Da Long Bay, where the entrance fee will be half-price (parking excluded), falls into five scenic areas composed of twenty-eight scenic spots such as Tiantan Snack Street, Watching Fish over Green Lake, Grand Rocks and Wonder Waterfalls, Adventure in Valleys, and Tiantan Spectacular Views. It is rare to see, in one individual place, such a density of lofty mountains, luxuriant forests, wonder stones and curtain-like waterfalls.

Daming Mountain
Daming Mountain will, before March 2017, also reduce the admission fee from 110 RMB to 50 RMB per person (Daming Mountain Skiing ticket is in line with the market price).
Daming Mountain resembles Huang Mountain in terms of its climate and geology. The blue mountains are similar to the splash ink landscape, endless dramatic pines, grotesque stones and mist sea, known as "Little Huang Mountain in Zhejiang".

Zhexi Grand Canyon
From January 27 until February 11, Chinese New Year to the Lantern Festival, an adult ticket of Zhexi Grand Canyon will cost 95 RMB instead of 190 RMB (please note there are no discounts on bus fares). Visitors during this period will also be given a voucher for tea in Chashe Hostel (reservations are required).

Blessed with fresh air and picturesque scenery, West Zhejiang Great Valley is renowned for the least number of inhabitants, the longest valley, the best-protected vegetation, and its close proximity to the metropolises of Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Taihu Source Ecological Tourist Area
Tickets are priced at 120 RMB per person but by paying a further 18RMB, you will receive a 50RMB voucher which can be used in dining, resort, bed & breakfast and folk experience.

Taihu Source is nestled in Taihu Source town, a town named after the scenic area, the south foot of Tianmu Mountain, Lin'an, nicknamed "Little Jiuzhai Valley". Taihu Source is full of a great variety of vegetation with 98% forest coverage and an extraordinary landscape all year around.