Chinese Tea Life Art Exhibition

China is the hometown of tea, and the custom of drinking tea started in the Shenlong period which was over 4700 years ago. Cultivating tea and drinking tea are only two attributes of Chinese tea culture, other essential aspects include tea poetry, the ways in which to drink tea, tea wares, and the water used in making the perfect cup of tea.

Chinese Tea Life Art Exhibition

For an in-depth view of Chinese tea culture then head to Minyi (Folk Art) Hall in the Xiangshan Campus of the China Academy of Art, where an exhibition entitled “Chinese Tea Life Art Exhibition” has been providing a thirst for tea knowledge.

The exhibition includes three sections, the Chinese tea documents exhibition, the seventy-three red stoneware study, as well as Chinese literati and tea life. The exhibition on “Chinese tea documents” recreates Chinese traditional tea life based on tea-related ancient documents and ancient paintings; the study of “seventy-three red stoneware teapots” is based on the ancient script of “Seventy-three teapot paintings” which is known as one of the rare and precious books about red stoneware teapots. The section showcases the red stoneware culture by combining actual teapots with teapot paintings and illustrations, and is explained from the angle of Chinese ancient literati. The third section, Chinese Literati and tea life, displays tea spaces jointly created by artists and designers, as well as tea-related works and artistic creations.

Time: 09:00 –16:00 until April 29, 2017 (closed on Mondays and public holidays)
Address: 352 Xiangshan Rd, Zhuantang Town

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