Another Great Year for Plum Blossom Viewing

Last year, the vivid scene of plum blossom blooming over a ten-li field (li is a Chinese unit of measure and is equal to 500 meters) not only captured the attention of China’s CCTV (the predominant state television broadcaster in the People’s Republic of China) but also the cameras of many thousands of visitors too. If you happened to miss this remarkable scene, then head now to Chaoshan Hill for another great year of Plum Blossom viewing.


Plum Blossom in Chaoshan Hill

The plum blossom in Chaoshan Hill is known for its antiquity, wide variety and uniqueness. When the time arrives, over fifty thousand plum trees outside and inside the scenic area compete for beauty, and form a sea of white, pink and red plum blossom stretching for ten li, which gives the scene the beautiful name “Ten-li Plum Blossom Resembling a Fragrant Snow Sea.”

Tang Dynasty Plum Blossom

China is known for its five ancient plum blossoms, which are Chu (Chu State: 11 Cenutry BC - 223 BC), Jin (Jin Dynasty: 1115-1234), Sui (Sui Dynasty: 581–618), Tang (Tang Dynasty: 618–907) and Song (Song Dynasty: 960–1279), and Chaoshan Hill is home to the Tang and Song blossom varieties and in addition to that, Chaoshan Hill is also the venue where you can see the unique six-petal variety.

The Ninth Chaoshan Plum Blossom Festival

For the convenience of people to appreciate plum blossom, the festival has been held every year and this is its ninth year. The Ninth Chaoshan Plum Blossom Festival started on January 10 and continues to greet all its visitors with a multitude of activities.

The Best Time to Appreciate Plum Blossom

The plum blossom festival will last until late March. From now on until Chinese New Year (January 28), whilst most of the plum blossoms are still in bud, winter sweet and Japanese apricot are in full bloom. It is from Chinese New Year to early March that you can truly appreciate the plum blossom and witness the vivid scene of “Ten-li Plum Blossom Resembling a Fragrant Snow Sea”. From the middle until late March, the ground is covered with plum blossom petals of different colors.

Highlights of This Year’s Plum Blossom Festival


Traditional Chinese New Year celebrating activities will be available, like opera, praying for fortune activities, making folk handicrafts, sugar painting, blowing sugar figurine and making Nian Gao Cake. You can even choose a fortune bag to pray for fortune.

If you are single, you can also join in the blind date event which entails finding your soul mate whilst enjoying the surrounding plum blossom, games and a lucky draw.
Chaoshan Hill itself is a place of profound culture, age-old history and strong art ambience, and is also a favorite spot of Wu Changshuo, the modern art master and the first head of the Xiling Sea-Engravers’ Society. This year, during the time of the festival, visitors can broaden their horizons in the many art exhibitions and art collection events, among which is “Plum Destiny • Colorful Ink”, a themed painting exhibition which is representative of modern Chinese plum paintings, and there is also a modern Chinese ink painting exhibition entitled “I Have a Date with Spring.”

In Chaoshan, you can explore the history and culture of Chaoshan Hill as well as finding time to appreciate the beauty of its nature and art.

Up to Date
Besides the numerous static exhibitions, just as previous years, this year’s plum blossom festival has added more fashionable elements and interactive activities, for example the live broadcasting plum blossom online.

In addition, you can take part in its many of activities, like slogan collecting campaign, photography competition and “Which is the best selfie with plum blossom.” Standing out from these activities, you may be the next brand ambassador of Chaoshan Hill.

Ticket: 60 RMB per person, 30 RMB per person for those aged 60-70 years old and children 1.2 to 1.5 meters tall; entry is free for those aged 70 and over and for children under 1.2 meters tall.
Telephone: 86-571-86311228
How to get there: take the high-speed train to the station of Yuhang and then transfer to bus 786 (section) to Chaoshan Scenic Area (the bus stop of Die Ma Qiao), or take subway to the station of Linping and then transfer to bus No. 786 (section) to Chaoshan Scenic Area.

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