Climbing Leifeng Pagoda for a Blessed New Year

2017, in China, will be the year of the rooster. The rooster is one of the twelve zodiac signs in Chinese traditional Zodiac, referred to as Sheng Xiao in Chinese which is based on a twelve-year cycle, with each year in the cycle related to one particular animal; the rooster comes at number ten on the cycle. In Chinese traditional culture, the rooster represents auspiciousness, the virtues of being hardworking, punctual and credible.

Climbing Leifeng Pagoda for a Blessed New Year

The rooster holds the status of an important animal in China, especially during the times when there was no such thing as watches and clocks, and people relied on roosters to wake them up in the early morning. The crowing of the rooster implies the start of a new day.

To welcome the year of the rooster, Leifeng Pagoda invites you all to climb Leifeng Pagoda, pray for a blessed new year and hope for an ascent in all aspects of your life. During the climb, a series of rooster related activities will be held.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Participants will together climb up 108 steps of Leifeng Pagoda to keep off 108 kinds of annoyances from their lives – in Buddhism it is believed that people usually have 108 kinds of annoyances in their lives. The first to reach the top of Leifeng Pagoda will then be given a new-year gift package after correctly answering a question asked by the staff member who will be wearing a rooster-shaped hat.

  Gold Rooster Crows

Nian Hua, which literally means New Year paintings in English, originated from ancient paintings of door gods which were pasted on doors to ward off evil spirits. Later, Nian Hua developed into a folk art of Han people. The technique of making Nian Hua has evolved from its original hand drawing to wood blocking. During the event of climbing Leifeng Pagoda, children can try their hand at making Nian Hua, coloring gold roosters, door gods and good-luck dolls, etc.

Dancing upon Hearing the Crow of a Rooster   

“Rising up upon hearing the crow of a rooster and practice with the sword” is an ancient story describing a young general who was dedicated to serving his country who diligently arose early every morning to practice his sword skills. Now, the phrase is used to describe the people’s spirit of being persevering and ambitious.

To inspire children to learn good values from the story, Leifeng Pagoda will organize the activity of “Dancing upon Hearing the Crow of a Rooster”- to be safe, the “practicing with the sword” part is replaced with dancing.

New Year Countdown

“Ten, nine, eight …” all people will usher in 2017 at the Leifeng Pagoda scenic area and everyone will be given limited-edition rooster-themed desk calendars and cute rooster dolls.