Go Wild in Hangzhou

If you crave something wild this Christmas, then head straight to Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. The museum’s exhibition, entitled “Kenneth Behring World Wild Animal Exhibition”, displays 126 pieces of wild animal specimen which have been donated by American philanthropist Kenneth Behring. High-end technology has been applied to recreate the living environment of wild animals of different ecosystems, from which visitors are able to see the flora and fauna resources, and natural environment of Africa and North America.

Zhejiang Museum of Natural History Exhibitions

The exhibition uses paintings, artificial landscapes and multi-media equipment to recreate five ecological environments which are the African tropical rain forest, the Savannah desert, North American tundra, coniferous forest, and desert. By putting African elephant, pronghorn, reindeer and buffalo specimens in the aforementioned ecological environments, the exhibition gives visitors the impression of being at one with these wild animals.

Kenneth Behring is the chairman of the Global Health and Education Foundation. Since 2005, he has donated a large number of wild animal specimens to China’s museums, natural museums, and science and technology museums.


Address: No. 6 West Lake Culture Square
Hours: 09:00-17:00 every day except Monday
Venue: Zhejiang Museum of Natural History
Admission: free