A Warm Welcome to Hangzhou Leisure and Healthy Season


Next Week, Hangzhou will be hit with a cold weather spell - sending the mercury reading down to single digits. So let’s give Hangzhou’s annual leisure and healthy season a warm welcome and get set to indulge in a variety of activities, healthy foods, traditional Chinese medicines, exercises and beauty treatments.

During this healthy season which lasts through January, the list of things to keep you warm are endless. Whether its tasting traditional Chinese food in the Niangao Festival (Niangao is traditional Chinese food usually consumed during Chinese New Year) or having one of the veteran traditional Chinese medicine doctors examine your pulse and write you a prescription to improve your body condition in the Gaofang Festival (Gaofang, a winter tonic in China)), or if it’s a hot spring you fancy immersing in, whatever you chose, warming up for winter has never sounded so cozy.

The “2016 Hangzhou Healthy Fair” is being held until November 27 in the small square of the Drum Tower in Shangcheng District. Over 20 leisure and health related enterprises will be making their appearances, and all with the aim of providing you with a warm and healthy winter at discounted prices. If you are unable to make the fair then you can always head to the following places directly.

Hot Spring:

 Xin'an River Jade Hot Spring    Yunman Hot Spring
 Xin’an River Jade Hot Spring    Yunman Hot Spring

Xin’an River Jade Hot Spring

Xin’an River Jade Hot Spring is a sulphur hot spring with crystal-clear waters. The amount of sulphur in the hot spring is minimal but its benefits account for much more, such as smoothening, nourishing and sterilizing one’s skin. In Xian’an River Jade Hot Spring, visitors can relax in any one of its 40 pools which include different themes like the Ice and Fire Pool, Coffee Pool, floating massage pool, fish spa pool, aromatherapy pool and bubble pool.

Add: No. 71 Hengshan Road, Shouchang Town, Jiande
Tel: 86-571-64568866

Yunman Hot Spring
Yunman Hot Spring is situated inside The First World Hotel, adjacent to Xianghu Lake, Hangzhou Paradise Park, Crazy Appleland Park and Hangzhou Langlanglang Water Park. It is a warm getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban life and with 33 themed hot spring pools here you’re able to soak up a number of experiences which are further enhanced with healthy drinks, seasonal fruits and professional massage and spa treatments.
Add: No. 2555, Fengqing Avenue, Xiaoshan District
Tel: 86-571-838666666

Holiday and Recuperation:

 Hangzhou Wuyun Mountain Sanatorium    Che’fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou
Wuyun Mountain Sanatorium   Che’fle Canal Hotel
 Tuankou Zhong’an Radon Hot Spring Holiday Hotel
 Tuankou Zhong’an Radon Hot Spring Holiday Hotel

Hangzhou Wuyun Mountain Sanatorium

Hangzhou Wuyun Mountain Sanatorium covers an area of 50 mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m) with a construction area of 13,000 sq m. The sanatorium is advantageously located within the picturesque West Lake Scenic area.  It is nestled at the foot of Wuyun Mountain and at the banks of the Qiantang River near the Nine Creeks Meandering through the Misty Forest. It has the highest content of negative oxygen ions in Hangzhou and therefore it is no wonder it is famed as being Hangzhou’s “natural oxygen bar.”

Add: No. 6, Wuyun East Road, Jiuxi, Xihu District

Tel: 86-571-86591844

Che’fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou
Che’fle Canal Hotel, Hangzhou, adjoins Xiangji Temple near the historical Fuyi Granary. A historical and cultural building complex that is under the government’s protection, Che’fle Canal Hotel has been transformed into 140 guest rooms / suites along with a lobby book bar, restaurants, conference rooms, an indoor sea-water swimming pool, Thai spa, Cuba la-club cigar bar, Sauna, a budha bar and yoga. It is a low-key but luxurious urban holiday hotel that ensures you have a relaxing and warm winter.
Add: No. 7 Lishui Road, Gongshu District
Tel: 86-571-88090918

Tuankou Zhong’an Radon Hot Spring Holiday Hotel
Hangzhou’s Lin’an Tuankou Zhong’an Radon Hot Spring is home to 30 alfresco characteristic pools, 17 indoor pools of different functions, a standard badminton court, places for table tennis and shuffle board and a gymnasium. Besides the great hot spring itself, one can also enjoy nature’s finest touches in the nearby walkways, hiking routes and field paths which are also suitable for cycling.

Add: No. 188 Tuanquan Street, Tuankou Town, Lin’an

Tel: 86-571-58686888


 Daming Mountain Skiing Resort    Diaoyu Islet
 Daming Mountain Skiing Resort    Diaoyu Islet

Daming Mountain Wansongling Skiing Resort

Daming Mountain Wansong Skiing Resort is located inside the breath-taking Daming Mountain Scenic Area, which has an altitude of 1200 meters. Its slide way is 1,000 meters in length and 100 meters in width and with a height difference of up to 100 meters. The ski resort occupies an area of 100,000 sq m and offers separate zones for skiers of different levels such as a zone for medium-level skiers, junior-level skiers, and practice runs purely for fun. It offers a skiing service for 3000 people at a time.

Address: Baiguo Village, Qingliang Peak, Lin’an

Tel: 86-571-63709588

Diaoyu (Angling) Islet in Qiandao Lake 
With over 1,000 standard angling seats Diaoyu is home to an abundance of fish with dozens of other wild and wonderful species also available.

Add: No. 1250 Huanhu North Road, Qiandaohu Town, Chun’an

Tel: 86-571-65092828

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

 Hu Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy    Fang Hui Chun Tang Pharmacy
 Hu Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy
   Fang Hui Chun Tang

Hu Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy

Founded by the famous late Qing official and businessman – Hu Xueyan, Hu Qing Yu Tang collects hundreds of traditional Chinese materials which include ginseng, deer antler velvet and edible bird’s nest, and which are made into different forms in order to work better with the human body.

The 140-year-old traditional Chinese pharmacy has become a significant venue to protect, inherit, develop and spread the over 5000-year-old Chinese traditional medicine culture and in the meantime is a great place for a healthy/Wellness tour.

Add: No. 95 Dayanjing Lane, Shangcheng District


Hu Qing Yu Tang Medicinal Diet Restaurant
Hu Qing Yu Tang Medicinal Diet Restaurant is a unique restaurant that holds a solid foundation in traditional Chinese medicine and is known by all for developing a medicinal diet.

Medicinal Diet is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine where strictly-processed Chinese medicines are cooked with traditional food ingredients. A medicinal diet can satisfy people’s taste buds as well as help improve people’s health - all at the same time.

Add: 1/F, No. 146-1 Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District

Tel: 86-571-87077008

Address: 2/F No. 217 Wujiang Road, Shangcheng District
Tel: 86-571-87311397

Fang Hui Chun Tang Pharmacy
Fang Hui Chun Tang Pharmacy was established in 1649 during the Chinese Qing Dynasty and is one of the oldest traditional Chinese medicine pharmacies in China. Since its establishment, the pharmacy has always complied with good ancient prescriptions choosing only the highest quality materials. The annual Gaofang (Paste: a winter tonic in China) Festival by Fang Hui Chun Tang is the highlight.

Add: No. 117, Hefang Street, Shangcheng District
Tel: 86-571-87808117

Add: No.1 Qiaolong Street, Gongshu District
Tel: 86-571-89931606

Add: No. 69, Gudun Road, Xihu District
Tel: 86- 571-81182299

Add: No. 252, Tiancheng Road, Xiasha Economic Development Zone
Tel: 571-87839788