Chrysanthemum Carnival in Full Bloom

Chrysanthemum, a popular plant often referred to by poets and literati, is known as one of the “Four Gentlemen Flowers”. These four flowers which also include plum blossom, orchid, and bamboo, are all symbols of self-esteem, elegance, perseverance and nobility.

Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Chrysanthemum blooms when everything else has withered, hence being viewed as a symbol of longevity, and viewing chrysanthemum has now become a classic pastime. Currently in Hangzhou there is an opportunity to go and view 800 species of chrysanthemum. The Tonglu First Chrysanthemum Art Exhibition, which started on November 8, is held in Dipu, Tonglu, and will last for a whole month. This particular chrysanthemum art exhibition is inspired from the popular poem written by prominent poet, Tao Yuanming: “While picking asters 'neath the Eastern fence, my gaze upon the Dipu rests.”

Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Exhibition

The chrysanthemum exhibition is a carnival of colors set off by a large number of elaborately designed ornaments, such as the rainbow bridge, Dipu family, underwater world and twelve zodiac signs, and combined with traditional folk customs and today’s modern lifestyle it is a blooming marvelous way to enjoy one of nature’s elegant species.

Guest Welcoming – Rainbow Bridge

Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Exhibtion

The rainbow bridge is formed by using a variety of colorful flowers and demonstrates the thriving development of Tonglu’s Region-based Tourism.

Dipu Family

Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Exhibition

The ornament centers on the most beautiful village in Tonglu – Dipu and displays the longstanding culture and age-old history of the Jiangnan-style ancient village by using plants and en-framed scenery (one of the building styles of traditional Chinese garden).

Flowers Contending for Beauty
Exhibited in this zone are over a thousand kinds of rare and precious chrysanthemums which stand proudly in the wind whilst showing off their great colors in the sunshine.

Space-Time Door

Three doors representing yesterday, today and tomorrow have been built with chrysanthemums, with the message of reminding people to learn from yesterday, cherish today and look forward to tomorrow.

Underwater World
This scene creatively uses plants, mainly chrysanthemums, to form shapes of underwater creatures such as dolphins and whales.

Twelve Zodiac Signs
Through combing gardening art, flowering art and Chinese classic culture, twelve zodiac signs have been created using chrysanthemums.