Reeds in Xixi Wetland – Be the First to Read it Here

Xixi wetland has one of the best autumn views in Hangzhou which is particularly noted for its eye-catching reeds that flourish in November. During this season it’s not unfamiliar to see boats drifting along the reticular river channels and swilling out the water birds hiding in the nearby reeds, whose flowers waft in the air like snowflakes, and the Autumn Reeds Snow is praised as one of the New Ten scenes of the West Lake.


Autumn Snow Temple

It is hard to miss the Autumn Snow Temple for the reed catkins that embellish it. This temple is located in the middle of Xixi and is surrounded by a moat which can only be accessed by boat. In addition to the beautiful natural landscape, Autumn Snow Temple is also rich in culture and every year, ten days after the First Frost Day, a memorial ceremony for the poets in Zhejiang is held here.

Autumn Snow Temple

The period from the beginning of November until the end of December is the best time for reed viewing which is also the time for the Ting Lu Festival (Reeds Festival). During the festival Classic Yueju Opera is staged on platforms in the water which can be heard by visitors gliding along any one of the wetlands’ rivers and cormorant fishing. In addition, an old-fashioned fishing method, which is no longer popular among fishermen, can still be seen here.

The Drained Fish Pond

Autumn is the season for harvest and as a local custom the villagers would often drain the fish ponds to retrieve their seasons catch. Visitors can join in this interesting activity but it is not as easy as it looks. One should dress in special rubber clothes and boots and walk in the knee-deep mud and try and catch a big fish.

After all the hard work is done, it is time for a feast. In Misty Water Fishing Village, a banquet of fish is prepared where a healthy and hearty menu has been designed according to the season.


American artist Magada Sayeg, the mother of street knitting, is best known for creatively covering buses, trees, iron bars and cement stairs with knitwear. She makes her surroundings come alive and during the Ting Lu Festival an oar boat, covered by her knitwear, will be on display.

 Street Knitting    Hangzhou G20 Summit Porcelain Dinnerware
 Magada Sayeg's Street Knitting
   Hangzhou G20 Summit porcelain dinnerware

The exquisite porcelain dinnerware served in Hangzhou G20 Summit will also be on display in Xixi Wetland. These three sets of porcelain dinnerware designed by the master Ji Xigui have already attracted many visitors. The show will last until the end of December.