Red Bayberries in Full Flavor This June

With undulating verdant mountains, crystal-clear waters and dense forests, it is easy to see why the luscious red bayberries are thriving on Dujia Village’s endless stretch of lush green and red bayberry trees.

Dujia Village

Suoqian Town, the location of Dujia Village, is blessed with a favorable climate and an environment which nurtures one of the best red bayberry species – Dujia Village red bayberry. This kind of red bayberry is a deep red color and is plump and both succulent and fresh to taste as well as being extremely moreish – the more you eat the more you want!

Red bayberry is not only tasteful but it also has many health benefits like aiding appetite, improving the condition of the spleen and stomach and relieving the stifling summer heat. This could explain why the Dujia Village red bayberry was the tribute to emperors in ancient times.

For those interested the annual Red Bayberry Festival in Dujia Village, Xiaoshan, will be in full flavor this June 16. The Red Bayberry Festival is one of the three traditional festivals in Xiaoshan District and since its initiation in 1999 the festival has been held for a consecutive 17 times.

Besides sampling this imperial tribute visitors, during the festival, will be able to see a series of folk art performances given by locals. After red bayberry picking one can also enjoy farm-flavored dishes to experience what life is like in one of the local farm houses.

How to get there: Take bus No. K747or K412 to the Hangzhou Ecopark (杭州生态园, hang zhou sheng tai yuan)

Red Bayberry Picking Tips

1. It is advisable to wear dark colored long-sleeved clothes in case of any insect bites and red bayberry juice stains. Also it is recommended that you wear sunscreen lotion and a hat.
2. Before picking, place a layer of squirrel's-foot fern at the bottom of the basket. This will help to keep the red bayberries in a better shape.
3. When picking pay attention to your safety and be gentle to the red bayberry trees. Please do not climb the red bayberry tress and pull their branches hard.
4. The red bayberries, of purple color, are quite ripe and it is better to snip the end of their branches with scissors. When picking please pick the red bayberry one at a time and do not pull the whole branch off.