Flowers Festival Blooming in Xixi

Huazhao Festival is a traditional festival observed by Han nation to celebrate the birthday of Goddess of Flowers. It is also known as 'Festival of Goddess of Flowers' and normally celebrated on the second day, twelfth day or fifteenth day of the second lunar month.

Huazhao Festival in Hangzhou has a history of over one thousand years, originating from the Tang Dynasty, reaching its peak in the Southern Song Dynasty and declining in the Republic of China era. It’s not until 2011 that the traditional festival once again showed its charm in Xixi National Wetland Park. Since then, every spring, the natural scenery of hundreds of colorful blooming flowers and the beauty of the century-old traditional folk custom blend in Xixi perfectly, offering tourists and residents alike a second-to-none place to enjoy spring.

Due to climate change, nowadays, flowers are found hardly in full bloom in the second lunar month. In order to present visitors a grand Huazhao Festival with colorful flowers in full bloom, in recent years, Xixi has rescheduled the celebration to be held after the birthday of Goddess of Flowers and this year’s festival is to be held in March 30 and continue through May 8.

During the period, an assortment of flowers awaits and gives visitors an opportunity to be close with spring. In addition to that, the festival organizer also provides considerate tourist services and an abundance of interactive activities.

Green Causeway (绿堤) is the main exhibition area of Xixi Huazhao Festival. Flowers on exhibition are of 876 categories and of over 1100 colors.

Flower Viewing Map of Green Causeway (Click the picture to enlarge)

Grand Exhibition Featuring Twelve Kinds of Flowers

As the highlight of every year’s Xixi Huazhao Festival, Flower Exhibition is not to be missed, which uses beautiful flowers and plants to convey beautiful wishes. Besides the ten kinds of flowers exhibited last year (flowering Chinese crab-apple, wild Chinese viburnum, lily, peony, azalea, plum blossom, rape flower, mayblossom, wisteria, cherry blossom, lilac), two more flowers have been added to this years' blooming event, which are plum blossom and great bougainvillea.

The exhibition introduces 10 or more wisteria species from both home and abroad. They are used to decorate arch or corridors, providing a perfect foil for flowers.

Six Gardens

Huazhao Garden (花朝园) is the comprehensive service and experience zone for Xixi Huazhao Festival. Whether you are thirsty, hungry or tired, Huazhao Garden all makes a nice place to stop by. In the garden, coffee, meals and convenience services such as bicycle rental, angling appliance etc. are available. If you come at the right time, you may witness some of the ongoing art experience activities such as flower arrangement.

Hunqing Garden (Wedding Garden: 婚庆园) is a forest-theme wedding scene unique to Xixi.

In Yaoxiang Garden (Herbal Fragrance Garden: 药香园), one can see various types of herbal medicines widely used in China, learn about their function and how to use them. While in Fangxiang Garden (Fragrance Garden: 芳香园), aromatic plants are displayed.

Angling Garden (Chuidiao Garden: 垂钓园) and Children's Fun Garden (Tongqu Garden: 童趣园) are two new members of 2016 Xixi Huazhao Festival. Angling Garden offers visitors more fun in Huazhao Festival besides viewing flowers, while Children's Fun Garden provides a host of entertainment facilities including primitive ones like swing and hammock, exhilarating ones such as bungee jumping for kids and role playing ones like children excavator and man-made beach.

Three Rare Flowers

In addition to the much sought-after ten hundred-year-old azalea trees, over 12 hundred-year-old azalea species imported from Japan are set to open your horizons from late March to late May.

Giant onion from Europe are swaying their purple heads welcome your visit from late April to late May.

Walls and pillars made of great bougainvillea are another highlight of the festival. Seen from afar, its heart-shaped flowers resemble butterflies fluttering their wings.