2016 Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo Opens on March 25

This September, Hangzhou will welcome its grandest event of the year - The G20 Summit and as the host city its international status is already becoming the talk of the town.

So in order to show the world Hangzhou's unique charm as being one of the ancient capitals of China as well as a modern and thriving metropolis steeped in tea culture, Hangzhou proudly invites you to the 2016 Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo. This highly tasteful event will be held on March 25 which is the perfect time for tea.

Since its initiation in 2005, the Hangzhou Tea Culture expo continues to do a great job in integrating the city's tea culture resources, boosting the development of the tea industry and its tourism as well as spreading the culture, which in turn helps further enhance the name of Hangzhou as the 'Capital of Tea in China'.

About 2016 Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo

As one of Hangzhou's most prestigious events, this year's Tea Culture Expo is themed on 'Welcome G20, Let the World Smell the Fragrance of Tea'. The event is co-organized by the Hangzhou Municipal Government, China International Tea Cultural Institute, China Tea Science Society and the Hangzhou Tea Cultural Institute.

This year's expo is comprised of five sections with 28 events, some of which involve folk tea activities, tea culture exchange, tea tourism, as well as tea varieties from counties and districts of Hangzhou. Listed below are some of the most popular events.

Free Guide for 2016 Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo are available on http://en.gotohz.com/planatrip/getinformed/guidebook/

2016 Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo Opening Ceremony – West Lake Longjing Kaicha Festival
Time: March 25
Venue: China National Tea Museum – Longjing Branch
To showcase the unique culture and characteristics of West Lake Longjing Tea, a series of activities have been arranged which include the history of Longjing tea until present day, a demonstration of hand frying Longjing tea leaves, the appraisal of professionals in frying high-grade West Lake Longjing Tea leaves, tasting West Lake Longjing tea, collecting stories and mini-videos themed on Longjing tea and visiting urban tea villages.

2016 Qinghefang Folk Tea Party
Time: April 15 to 21
Venue: Southern Song Imperial Street, Qinghefang Historic Block, Wushan Scenic Area and Wushan Square
This event aims to showcase Hangzhou's long-outstanding folk tea culture of 'Capital of Tea' – by inviting visitors to participate in its activities such as understanding the history of the Southern Song Dynasty (Hangzhou was back then the capital) and its tea culture and tasting tea in the old block. Additionally, there will be a wide range of different tea varieties on sale.

Tea Appreciating Day
Time: April 19
Venue: Hangzhou
People can enjoy a variety of tea for free.

2016 China (Hangzhou) International Tea Industry Expo
Time: May 6 to 9
Venue: Zhejiang World Trade International Exhibition Center (浙江世贸国际展览中心)

The 5th China International Tea Culture Expo
Time: June 9 to 12
Venue: Hangzhou Heping International Conference & Exhibition Center (杭州和平国际会展中心)

The 8th ‘Family of Tea Lovers’ Competition
Time: March – April
Venue: China National Tea Museum
Tea lovers are warmly welcomed to compete for the honor of the 8th 'Family of Tea Lovers' either as a family or as a team.

2016 West Lake Longjing Tea Leaves Hand Frying Competition
Time: March – May
Venue: Hangzhou West Lake
During this event visitors will be able to witness or, if they prefer, aid the tea specialists in hand frying the tea leaves. Information about this intangible national cultural heritage will also be in full flow.

The 10th West Lake International Tea Party
Time: March – May
Venue: China National Tea Museum

2016 Yunlin Tea Gathering (2016云林茶会)
Time: March - April
Venue: Lingyin Temple
This is a great opportunity for those wishing to participate in the Buddhist tea leaves picking festival in Fajing Temple which also witnesses the process of Buddhist tea making as well as sampling this sacred brew.

Experiencing Chinese Tea Varieties
Time: April
Venue: China Tea Museum
Visitors will be able to watch a tea fight which is an ancient leisure activity widely enjoyed in ancient China. It involves competitors bringing their teas and brewing them to see whose tea is the best. The results are based on aspects like fragrance, taste and appearance. Visitors will also be able to learn the skills of picking tea leaves and appreciating tea as well as viewing a number of tea performances.

Tea Culture Tour
Time: All year round
Venue: Tea culture-related scenic areas in Hangzhou
Several tea culture tour itineraries have been promoted such as the tea appreciating tour, Buddhist tea culture tour, tea village tour and teahouse tour.