The Floral Map of the West Lake

As an international garden city and regardless of the season Hangzhou is always surrounded by numerous kinds of fragrant and colorful flowers. What is particularly stunning is the view in spring as this is when everything blossoms after a winter’s hibernation.

Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Covering an area of 2.8464 sq km, Hangzhou Botanical Garden is one of the best gardens in China for plant introduction and acclimatization which is also partly down to Hangzhou’s mild climate, ample rainfall and other natural conditions. The picturesque gardens, set against a backdrop of mountain ranges and home to over 400 species of plant, are a favorite destination for both holiday-makers and professionals.

Visit the gardens now and you will see plum blossom blooming gracefully in Lingfeng Peak which is home to 5000 or more plum trees and in late April, azaleas are also in full bloom.

Pagoda of Six Harmonies

It is widely recognized that the Pagoda of Six Harmonies is a great vantage point in which to view the majestic Qiantang River. However, very few people know that every year from April to May, the Pagoda of Six Harmonies puts on a grand peony show. Peony, nicknamed the ‘flower of riches and honor’ or ‘king of the flowers’, is highly regarded in China and is used symbolically in Chinese art and is also closely associated with Wu Zetian – the only female emperor in Chinese history.

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Penoy Exhibition in Pagoda of Six Harmonies Orchid Exhibition in Guo's Villa
Pagoda of Six Harmonies
Guo's Villa

Guo’s Villa

Located near the West Lake, Guo’s Villa is a special villa full of elegance and tranquility. It is, in fact, the only ancient private garden in Hangzhou to be undamaged and ranks first in the classical gardens of West Lake. Every year a series of flower exhibitions, highlighted by the classical style of the villa, are held in the garden which is noted for its elegant bridges, tranquil waters and picturesque pavilions. If you visit Guo’s Villa at this time of the year then you will see many orchids - another privileged flower in China. The orchid symbolizes elegance and purity and is praised as one of 'Four Gentlemen’ or ‘Four Noble Ones' in Chinese art along with plum blossom, chrysanthemum and bamboo and is frequently depicted in traditional ink and wash paintings