Hangzhou Spring Festivities and Fun

As the much-anticipated Spring Festival is just around the corner, Hangzhou City is immersed in festive atmosphere. To celebrate the joyous festival, the local Hangzhounese come up with a kaleidoscope of festive activities. Here we list some.

Date  Venue Festivities
Feb.9,10:38 Chenghuang Temple scenic area
pray for blessings
Feb.1 - 15  Temple to King Qians
West Lake flower exhibition
Jan.1 - Apr.20 Hangzhou Museum cultural relics exhibition of the Western Xia regime(1038-1227), a mysterious kingdom of the Silk Road
18:00, Feb.7 - 1:00, Feb.8 Six Harmonies Pagoda pray for blessings on New Year’s Eve
Feb.8 - Mar.6  Xixi National Wetland Park  plum blossom festival; "Spring Festivities" such as boat boxing, Yue Opera, traditional water town wedding ceremony, make clay dolls, paint sugar-coated figurines, make Niangao
Feb.8  Xianghu Chengshan Square and the first construction stage of the waters
offer sacrifices to the King of Yue State; Dragon Boat race
Feb.8 - 23 Chengshan Square, Music Fountain, Food Square folk games, folk crafts, Xianghu folk annual meeting
Feb.19 - 23,
19:00 - 21:30 
Yuewang Road, Chengshan Square, Hushan Square, Music Fountain    
Xianghu Lantern Festival
13:30 - 16:30
Tiger Cave Tourist Center
10th winter swimming game of “Xianghu Cup”
Feb.8 - 10, Feb.21,
13:30 - 16:30 
Hushan Square; Temple of Suns
Spring Festival artistic performance; Lantern Festival artistic performance
Feb.8 - 14 Oriental Cultural Park pray for blessings, folklore performances, folk snack exhibition
Feb.8 - 22    Songcheng (or Song Dynasty Town) temple fair, other festivities
Feb.1 - 22 Hangzhou Crazy Apple Park
temple fair, other festivities
Feb.8 - 14  Hangzhou Polar Ocean World
"whale show"
Feb.8 - 14  Yuhang Shangougou Scenic Area
kill pigs and celebrate the Spring Fesital
Jan. - Mar.  Yuhang Chaoshan Scenic Area
8th Chaoshan Plum Blossom Festival
Jan.29 - Feb.22   Yuhang Tangqi Ancient Town
New Year Taste Festival
Jan.16 - Feb.22 
Hangzhou Safari Park
theme activity of “golden monkey welcoming in the Spring Festival” 
Feb.8 - 22
Fuyang Longmen Ancient Town
pray for blessings, hunt for New Year gifts, enjoy crafts in workshop,folk banquet
Feb.8 - 14 
Fuyang Fuchun Taoyuan

folk activities, lanterns exhibition
Feb.7 - 14 
Jiangnan Ancient Village
make Niangao, Ciba, taste fried tofu and other traditional snacks, make Spring Festival scrolls, paper cutting etc.
Feb.5 - 9  Thousand-Islet Lake (or Qiandao Lake) Scenic Area
free admission ticket
Feb.10 - 22
Southeastern Thousand-Islet Lake   half-price admssion ticket
Feb.8 - 14 
Lin’an Daming Mountain 
alpine skiing festival
Feb.8 - 14 
Lin’an Taihuyuan
folklore festivities(kill pigs, write couplets, make Ciba etc.)
Feb.8 - 14 
Lin’an Shenlongchuan
celebrate Spring Festival (copper pan meal, grind tofu, walk on stilts, bonfire party )
Feb.8 - 14 
Jiande Shuangjiang characteristic street
lantern festival, “hundred-family banquet” and other folklore festivities
Feb.8 - 14 
Jiande Yuquan Temple
pray for blessings, ring New Year bell, burn incense
Feb.8 - 14 
Jiande Kangqing Farm
celebrate Spring Festival with the hospitable farm owner, make dumplings, watch Spring Festival Gala, pay New Year calls
Feb.8 - 22
Tonglu Daqi Mountain National Forest Park
Spring Festivities, guess riddles on lanterns, dig winter bamboo shoots etc.
Feb.8 - 22
Tonglu Red Lantern Village
celebrate Spring Festival, make the World’s longest Niangao, folk intangible heritage exhibition etc.