Let Hangzhou Animate You

From April 28 until May 3 the 11th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival will once again take the center stage at White Horse Lake Animation Plaza (白马湖动漫广场) in Binjiang District, as it has done so for the past three years.

As the most influential animation and cartoon festival in the country, it has not only seen a rise in the number of professionals flocking to the city but the number of tourists have also increased, promoting a growing industry and enriching the cultural life of its locals. Guided by the slogan, "A feast for cartoonists and animators, and a festival for all", the festival will continue its charm in internationalizing the cartoon industry and animating the people and city of Hangzhou.

There are more than 43 activities taking place this year and apart from the main venue at White Horse Lake Animation Plaza, 13 other side venues have been added to include a host of competitions, exhibitions, forums and business negotiations. This year’s highlights are:

Highlight One:
For exhibitors, the introduction of mobile App "Guomantong (国漫通)" enables them to do business online: distributing the information of their products, browsing, searching and finally finding the business they are looking for as well as making future business contacts.

Highlight Two:

Well-known names like Disney, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, LAIKA and China’s two media giants CCTV and China Film Group Corporation as well as Alibaba and Netease will be exhibiting and selling their branded items.

The much-loved characters Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Hokage Ninjia and other recognisble faces will be waiting to greet their fans. In addition, during the forum the creator of Corpse Bride and ParaNorman will give an inspiring speech and during the festival the celluloid sheets of Mickey Mouse in the 1920s will be donated to China Comic and Animation Museum (CCAM) by the father of Taiwanese Cartoon Mr. Zhao Zexiu (赵泽修).

Highlight Three:

The festival has also, for the first time, launched a cartoon fair in UK making cross-border cartoon networking possible.

Highlight Four:
The wide range of attendees from more than 78 countries and regions.

For further information on this year’s festival simply enter any section of Hangzhou’s recently cartoon-inspired subway Line 1 and using your mobile devices scan the ceiling and you will then be one step closer to the 11thCartoon and Animation festival here in Hangzhou.