Jiande Strawberries – One of Spring Festival’s Best Picks

Compared with previous years, this year’s spring arrived much earlier and in doing so has enabled row upon row of ruby red strawberries to come alive. With warm sunshine penetrating into greenhouses and cold weather shut outside, picking strawberries this Spring Festival will certainly satisfy any number of tastes – and the best place to experience such pleasures is without doubt in Jiande.

Jiande, a county-level city under the administration of Hangzhou is also known as the ‘Hometown of Strawberries’ in China. With a 20-year history of strawberry cultivation, Jiande’s total area of strawberry plantations accumulates to more than 20, 000 mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m). Most of the strawberry plantations lie at the bank of the Xin’an River, which is blessed with favourable weather, a mountainous landscape and crystal-clear water, which contribute wholly to their unique sweetness and succulent taste.

As well as an abundance of strawberry plantations, Jiande is also home to Xia Ya Hong Qun High-tech Strawberry Sightseeing Garden (下涯红群高科技草莓观光园) and Yang Cun Qiao Strawberry Leisure Sightseeing Garden (杨村桥草莓休闲观光园) where strawberries, like festive red lanterns, can be seen hanging from their leaves in mid-air and which perfectly reflect the atmosphere of this year’s festive season.