Spring Blooms in Qianwang Temple

Spring is a time of new life where animals wake from their hibernation and many flowers begin to bloom and to welcome in this inaugural season, Qianwang Temple will be, until Mar. 2, holding the annual Spring Flower Festival.

The exhibition displays over 100 different species of flower in more than 35,000 pots and consists of two zones, an internal zone for preserved flowers and an external zone for garden ornaments. The internal zone is dubbed ‘the world of flowers that never wither’ and displays colourful and brighter than bright bunches of fresh flowers which are preserved through cutting-edge technologies.

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar 2015 is the year of the sheep and to coincide with this theme, cartoon elements from ‘Pleasant Sheep and Big Big Wolf’ a popular cartoon in China are sculptured and imbedded in and amongst 12 groups of ornaments and a sea of flowers in the external zone.

Visiting Qianwang Temple during the Spring Festivalis both a blessed experience and a blooming great day out for both locals and tourists.

Address: inside the park of Orioles Singing in Willows, West Lake
Ticket Price: RMB 15 - Park Cards also accepted