2014 Hangzhou International Experience Day

On October 22 the 2014 Hangzhou International Experience and the 2nd Southern Song Dynasty Tea Contest were launched at Wuliuxiang Historic Block. During this prestigious event, tea experts from Hangzhou and Kaifeng were seen, in full flow, performing to perfection the art of tea-making.

Having already attracted over 100 hundred guests from more than 32 different countries the Hangzhou International Experience, running until February 2015, continues to take its visitors on an international journey and in doing so culturally and artistically covers a number of themes. During this experience one can taste a number of Hangzhou’s most renowned delicacies and witness an array of arts and crafts. During a meander along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, now a world heritage site, one can also indulge in a world of three-dimensional art whilst at the same time submerging into a number of Chinese and western experiences.