Terms and Conditions: Modern Marco Polo & Grand Canal Hangzhou

Take the entry of the Grand Canal on the World Heritage List as an opportunity to disclose the Grand Canal history and culture, enhance the unique charm and tourism value of the Grand Canal of Hangzhou section, and show the important status of Hangzhou as a model city of the “beautiful China” and as a glamorous city with “double world heritages”.

How to participate in the “Modern Marco Polo & Grand Canal Hangzhou” activity?

Participant can choose any of them (multi-options allowed) listed below:
1. Photo-- original photos of the Grand Canal of Hangzhou section

2. Article--original English article themed with “I love the Grand Canal of Hangzhou section”; priority of evaluation on articles published on authoritative newspapers, magazines and social media.

3. Video—original video about the Grand Canal of Hangzhou section attached with the name of the author and logo of Hangzhou tourism website (EN.GOTOHZ.COM), published on major social media like Youtube; the viewer rate will be one of the evaluation criteria.

Evaluation Criteria:
1. Positive, healthy and pertinent to the subject of the Grand Canal of Hangzhou section.
2. Excellent originality with distinctive Hangzhou characteristics.
3. Outstanding features and logo of the Hangzhou tourism website (EN.GOTOHZ.COM).
4. Influential and interactive.
5. Non-political, authentic and creative

Participation Prize: Hangzhou or China tourism coupons (100 quotas)
Third Prize: free Grand Canal water bus cruise & tourism coupons (10 quotas) from the China Absolute Tours International Inc.
Second Prize: 6 days Southeast China tour (Seat-in-Coach Tour) (US$ 554) (3 quotas)
First Prize: 12 days China culture tour (USD3313) (1 quota)