Crowned in 2014 as the Most Congenial Retirement City in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, the world famous tourist city, was acknowledged in September this year for being the most congenial retirement city in China, according to the China edition of Fortune magazine.

Since 2010, China’s Fortune magazine has annually held awards recognising the most congenial retirement cities in China. This year 25,000 senior executives voted for the top 50 most pleasant cities in China, with Hangzhou winning the title, followed by Chengdu, Qingdao, Zhuhai and Xiamen. What all these cities have in common is comfortable living facilities in a profound cultural environment, a high-level of social welfare, convenient medical care and a high sense of well-being and happiness.

This is the fourth time, since 2011 that Hangzhou has won the title of most congenial city in China. What’s more, Hangzhou still ranks among the top five for most harmonious city with a natural environment, best social welfare, best social services, medical care and living facilities, as well as ranking among the top three for a city with a high quality of life, best cultural environment and overall happiness.

For more than a decade Hangzhou has been awarded so many glorious titles. In 2001 it was named as the safest city in China and from 2004-2008 Hangzhou also honoured many new titles, such as the most harmoniously developed city and the happiest and most thriving commercial city in Chinese mainland. In 2010 and 2011 Hangzhou was recognised as the happiest city in China.

As one of eight Chinese ancient capital cities, Hangzhou has a 5 thousand-year-old Yuhang Liangzhu Culture which is called “the dawn of civilization”. In Yuan Dynasty, Hangzhou was praised by Marco Polo, the world renowned traveller as being “the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world”. Nowadays, Hangzhou is a harmonious blend of beautiful scenery, landscapes, profound cultures, all embedded into a fast developing city with convenient public transportation. It has Xiaoshan airport, the second largest in Eastern China, one fully functioning subway line with an additional four under construction and an additional five in planning. The overall length of the 10 subway lines will reach to 375.6 kilometers.

The average life expectancy and per capita GDP in Hangzhou are very close to surpassing the level of other developed countries. Hangzhou now appeals to a wider audience, in particular to those planning their retirements.