Folk Shows in Chun'an County, Hangzhou Ⅱ

There is a saying that “Seeing is believing” and whilst it is hard to believe in something you have not seen, the following folk shows, based on legend, are not only extraordinarily spectacular but you won’t actually believe your eyes when you see them.

Bamboo Horse Dance (跳竹马)

Chun’an’s Bamboo Horse Dance reigns back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and is a renowned folk show that rides high above other such like performances held in Zhejiang province. The bamboo horse, originally used in funeral processions, is now recognised as one of the lead roles in this dance. To resemble riding a horse, the performers fasten the wooden horse around the waist and dance whilst holding the horse’s neck in their left hand and a whip in their right. This is an interesting folk dance which has leapt through history to now becoming a recognised 21st century show.

Ancient Pig Ceremony - a head above all other shows

This is an ancient tale of worshipping ancestors, in which decorated pig heads have been lining up in ceremony for hundreds of years. This folk tale with a history of more than 800 years usually takes place during the spring festival before the tenth day of the first lunar month. Each household sends their decorated pig head to the Ancestral Hall and then candles and fireworks are lit in remembrance of their ancestors. During the ceremony the proud owner of the biggest and most beautifully decorated head is awarded with a red envelope. This is both an extraordinary sight and ancient tale and is well ahead of its ancestors.

Mu Opera (睦剧)

One of 315 regional operas in China, Mu Opera is only performed in Chun’an county, Hangzhou. Originating from the end of the Qing dynasty Mu Opera attracts attention for its artistic vitality and presents itself through song and dance in the form of comedy and farce. This rare and authentic opera is based on folk culture and is visually appealing on all levels.