Sunflowers in full bloom in Eight Diagrams Field

Hangzhou in summer boasts different ornamental flowers and the sunflower is definitely one of the representative ones. Its big flower head decorated with thousands of golden yellow florets track the trail of the sun, adding a unique charm to the scenery of the summer of Hangzhou.

Among the many places to view the sunflower in Hangzhou, Eight Diagrams Field (八卦田) is no doubt one of the best. In its 2 mu fields (1 mu=666.7 sqm), over one thousand sunflowers are in full bloom. According to experts, the following two weeks are the best time to view sunflowers in Hangzhou.

Eight Diagram Field

The best time in a day to view the sunflower is in the morning. During the period, the sunflower tilts its flower head facing the sun, very interesting. Most people thought the sunflower can turn its flower head at an angle of 360 degrees, which of course, is not true. Actually, the sunflower can only turn its flower head at an angle of 90 degrees. That means, it stops following the trail of the sun at noon.

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