The 10th China (Hangzhou) International Tea Expo


As an important part of West Lake International Tea Culture Expo and West Lake International Expo, China (Hangzhou) International Tea Expo has been held for ten times.


2014 China (West Lake) International Tea Expo lasts from May 7 through May 11. This year’s expo gives prominence to the aim of “Being Close to People”. Different from previous expos, the venue of the expo is moved from exhibition halls to tea markets like “Wushan Square”, “Chadu Mingyuan (茶都名园)” etc. It focuses on making more contacts with citizens and tourists, providing opportunities for them to taste tea together, thereby promoting the healthy tea culture of Hangzhou.



This year’s expo consists of three sections: “Seeking Dreams on West Lake”, “Wushan Tea Fair” and “Finest Collections in Capital of Tea”. It demonstrates the profound tea culture and abundant tea resources of Hangzhou from delicate, ordinary and creative perspectives. In the section of “Seeking Dreams on West Lake”, tea enthusiasts from both home and abroad can sail on West Lake, and sip a cup of fragrant tea while enjoying the picturesque scenery of West Lake. In “Wushan Tea Fair”, various kinds of tea and tea sets are provided, and people can also enjoy splendid tea performances; In “Finest Collections in Capital of Tea”, people can participate in the activity of “Seeking Teas”, through which one can get not only knowledge of tea but also rewards.