13th China Chasheng (Sage of Tea) Festival Kicks off in Jingshan Mountain

Through May 10, the 13th China Chasheng (Sage of Tea) Festival is being held in Jingshan Mountain, Yuhang District, Hangzhou. Famous for the Jingshan Temple (径山寺) and Lu Yu Spring (陆羽泉), Yuhang District is long considered as “the place where Classic of Tea (茶经: the first book about how to cultivate, make and drink tea in the world) was written” and “The Origin of Japanese Tea Ceremony”.

As early as the Tang Dynasty (618–907), Yuhang was already deeply connected with tea when the Sage of Tea — Lu Yu (陆羽) traveled there and wrote Classic of Tea (茶经) at the foot of Jingshan Mountain (径山). Later, in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279), a Japanese priest studied Buddhism in Jingshan Temple and brought home the tea ceremony of Jinghshan Temple, which formed the basis for the current Japanese Tea Ceremony as we know today.

The festival itself highlights folk performances like lion dance, dragon dance, fan dance, waist drum dance, and skills such as making tea whisk, wood carving, winemaking and frying tea etc. In addition, there is also the Jingshan Temple Fair which combines folk customs, folk arts, and local delicacies of Jingshan.