The Tenth West Lake International Tea Culture Expo

As the tea capital of China and the home of the best tea in China, Hangzhou has a time-honored history in tea cultivation and tea tasting. Since 2005, in order to promote tea culture and tea industry, West Lake International Tea Culture Expo has been held in Hangzhou annually.

2014 (The Tenth) West Lake International Tea Culture Expo lasts from March 28th to May, consisting of four parts, 26 activities. It takes in many interesting elements of Hangzhou like West Lake Longjing Tea, local delicacies, teahouses, West Lake Inns, tea culture tours, souvenirs etc. The event is a feast of teas in the most beautiful season of Hangzhou.


1. On March 28th, during the opening ceremony, colorful tea-related performances will be given and the first picking of West Lake Longjing Tea will come onto the market.

2. During International Renowned Teas Expo, 30 boats with tea sets on will be arranged to cruise around West Lake. Friends from all over the world can get a chance to taste tea on West Lake.

3. In Ruan Gong Islet, an ancient painting will be exhibited which was painted in West Lake water during Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty (1765-1796). During that day, 20 painters will also be invited to use West Lake water to record the live scene of West Lake Tea Market.

In addition, a large number of folk activities like Ten Thousand People Tasting Tea, Competition of Hand Frying Longjing Tea, Solving Tea Riddles, Folk Tea and Poetry etc are also a lot of fun.