Temple Fair at Wu Hill

Temple Fair at Wu Hill is one of the largest and oldest temple fairs in Hangzhou. Different from other places in Hangzhou, there are temple fairs at Wu Hill all year round, each featuring different characteristics. From 1st January to 8th January on Chinese lunar Calendar, there is the Spring Festival Temple Fair which is normally attended by the locals to pray for a smooth year. Between February and March, pilgrims from nearby counties will come to Hangzhou and Wu Hill is one of their destinations, too. Other occasions like Dragon Boat Festival, Lixia, the birthday of gods etc. there are temple fairs as well.

At Wu Hill, temple fair is more than just a religious event. It has become the stage of various folk artists (folk performances such as acrobatics are available), and a market with various folk products like paper cutting and candy figure etc. In such an urbanized world, Temple Fair at Wu Hill manages to remain its original features, presenting tourists with its folk charm.