Festival of Mutton Hot Pot in Cangqian


For its function of keeping out the cold, mutton is an indispensible food in winter for Chinese. There is an old saying in China: Eat a sheep in winter, and you won't feel cold at all. In Hangzhou, there is a village – Cangqian Yangguo Village (仓前羊锅村) which is renowned for its unique dish — Taoyangguo (掏羊锅, a kind of mutton hot pot). Taoyangguo has a history of over 100 years. Different from other mutton hot pot in China, Taoyangguo consists of not only mutton but also other parts of sheep like intestines and stomachs. The dish is extremely fresh and appetizing. Every winter, there is a constant stream of people flooding there to have the dish.  


At 11:11 in 11 November, the eighth Festival of Mutton Hot Pot in Cangqian rang up the curtain. For the last twenty days, there were over 100,000 people came here for its famous Taoyangguo. During the festival, there are 29 restaurants in Cangqian serving Taoyangguo. You can choose where you want to go. The festival lasts for a month and you’ve still got time.




Price: Taoyangguo for 6-10 people: 660 Yuan; for 3-6: 480 Yuan; for 2-3: 280 Yuan
Address: Gexiang Village, Cangqian Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou (杭州市仓前镇葛巷村)
Traffic: bus No.311, 785
Tip: Special buses from Huanglong Sports Center (黄龙体育中心) to Yangguo Village are available from 1 November to 31 December. (Time: Huanglong Sports Center 9:30-20:00 Yangguo Village 10:30-21:30)