Hangzhou 2013 Marathon Kicks Off on November 3

Hangzhou — At 8am on November 3, Hangzhou 2013 Marathon kicked off in East Square of Huanglong Sports Center (Yellow Dragon Sports Center). There were about 23,000 people engaging in this event.

    Picture source: vip.people.com.cn

It’s the 27th Hangzhou Marathon. There were 6 routes available in the race: traditional full-length marathon (42.196 km), half-marathon (21.0975 km), short race (13 km), mini race (6.8 km), couple race (3.5 km) and family race (1.2 km). Except the starting point of couple race was the Broken Bridge, all other routes started at Huanglong Sports Center.

All these routes wind their way around West Lake and along Qiantang River.