Xixi Red Persimmon Festival

There is a saying among Hangzhou locals that along with the sweet scent of Osmanthus, the red Persimmon is the harbinger of autumn. Xixi Red Persimmon Festival in Xixi Wetland National Park provides people a chance to make an intimate contact with autumn.

Right now in Xixi Wetland National Park, there are over 4,000 persimmon trees, the oldest one over 300 years old and the youngest over 70 years old. There are three types of persimmon in Xixi, among which Huoshi (火柿) is the most delicious. However, Huoshi is not available in market. Hence, if you want to taste the most authentic Huoshi, you have to go to Xixi. The popularity of persimmons in Xixi is not only related to their delicious taste, but also to its connection with Emperor Qianlong (1711–1799, the emperor of Qing Dynasty). Legend has it that when Emperor Qianlong travelled to Hangzhou, the trees heavy with red persimmons had captured his attention. Impressed by its wonderful taste, Emperor Qianlong bestowed the title “Shiqiannian (柿千年, literally means the persimmon tree is over a thousand years old) on the eldest persimmon tree. Since then, the persimmon in Xixi has become one of the highlights of Xixi Wetland National Park.

As the traditional festival of Xixi Wetland National Park, Xixi Red Persimmon Festival involves many activities. You can pick persimmons under the instruction of professional persimmon farmers. What’s even better, the persimmons you picked can be brought home free. In addition, you can watch Yueju Opera, and participate in many persimmon-themed activities like Wheel of Fortune, Guinness Record of Piling up Persimmons and Persimmon Parade.

Time: mid-September to October
Venue: Xixi Wetland National Park