Qiaoxi Historic Block – Hangzhou’s Time Capsule

Located west of the old Gongchen Bridge along the bank of the Grand Canal, stands Qiaoxi Historic Block, a grand residential area, heralding designs from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Restored by the government in 2008 it has since been developed to include a number of new attractions. Boasting a range of services such as Chinese medicine culture, ceramic making and catering this ancient block with a modern twist is also home to a number of restaurants, cafes, tea-houses, gift shops and museums.

Once old and frayed this residential block is now buzzing with charm and beauty but still maintains its sense of tranquility and style.

Walk along any one of the cobbled streets that make up this block and you will discover a world of culture. Whether you choose to step into the past and soak up some of China's history in its umbrella museum, or you just simply want to relax in a coffee shop and read a book, either way Qiaoxi Historic Block will provide you with the chance to uncover more about China's past while at the same time enjoying a number of modern day facilities.