The Grand Canal Hangzhou Pedestrian Trail

The Grand Canal Hangzhou Pedestrian Trail (运河游步道) starts from Beixing Bridge (北星桥) in the north and ends at Jingjiang Bridge(京江桥) in the south. The total length (including both sides) reaches up to 20.42km (on both sides).

You will pass along Zhejiang Kiln Park(浙窑公园), Qiaoxi Historic Street flanked by China Fan Museum, China Umbrella Museum, Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum, Handicraft Demonstration Pavilion, China Knifes, scissors and knives Museum, Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal Museum, Gongchen Bridge, Xiaohe Historic Block, Xiangji Temple, Dadou Road Historic Block, Fuyi Grannay & Xiawan Park, as well as the bustling Wulinmen Wharf against a sea of high rises.

The Grand Canal Hangzhou Pedestrian Trail winds through heavily forested parks, greenbelt zones, museums, food streets and aged wharfs. Hiking and biking are choice ways to relish in the charm of the canal, a flowing Chinese painting.

Bring your camera, bottled water, snacks and come with family or friends, you are bound to have some quality time here, with the cheapest cost.